You're You

As a student at Shape School, it’s always hard to fit in and find friends. Shapes only play with their own colors and shapes, making it near impossible to find friends. Follow Red circle and White square as they take the biggest risk yet..

Being friends.

However, to be friends, they must face their biggest challenge yet…


Bullies have always been a problem, and they always will, but this one will either be the make or break point for their friendship.

Find out if there friendship stands, or if it all falls apart in

You’re you!

Brought to you by the Claymation Colours.

Ainsley evidence for maths

W.A.H.L.T: I can use a place value partitioning strategy to solve multiplication problems,








By Zoe holder

what makes me me

hi my name is zoe i am 8 and i am in year 4. after school on thursday i have tennis and on wednesday i have swimming and on thursday i have musical theater it is a thing when you can do dancing singing and acting to. after school on monday and friday i come home to watch tv. i am need to go to the hospital because my hearing i am not that i just can't really haier.

in my spare time i like to watch Tv and i like to some time carry on with my school work. i like reading books to my mum and dad i like to do Art on my cork board then show it to my parents and sister.

i like to go on a boat or a plane or a car to places with my family we have gone to lots of places like south Africa and Australia all places like that. we like to go to the snow but it is kind of cold there and Awesome and fun we sometimes go to the beach for fish and chips.


Ainsley Division problems

6 eggs into each carton she has 32 eggs.How many leftovers and cartons will she have ? 5r2

A cafe sold 63 hamburgers and one week how many burgers were sold each day ? 9

In the park there are 49 dogs 7 dogs walked away how many were left ? 7

There were 8 friends they went to buy 64 cupcakes how many cupcakes did they each get ? 7

By Zoe holder

WALHT: communicate why something is important (Persuasive)

Scooting at School should be Banned.

This persuasive writing is about why children should not be able to scoter at school here is Three reasons why...

My first reason why scootering should be banned is because at breaktime you might want to walk to the playground by going through the courts. Here is another reason why scotting should be band is when you're walking somewhere a scooter might go over your foot and it might really hurt. for example you are walking to the playground and then someone goes over your foot.

My second reason why scootering should be banned is because if lots of people were scootering maybe someone bangs into the other person and then there would be lots of people going to the sick bay. For example someone was looking somewhere else and the other person was to and then they banged into each other.
My Last reason why scootering should be banned is because if you are playing on your scoter and someone also wants to play with you. But that person didn't have a scooter.for example you were waiting for your friend and when they arrive they just want to go on there scoter. It would not be nice because you have to run

I think that you can go to school on your scooter but you have to go to the main entrance and put your scooter there or you can put your scooter where the other place you can park your scooter.

Ainsley Animal writing


What do you think Joey's eat ? don't know? read to find out koalas are really interesting and cool. There are only 2-3 species of koalas in the world. Saddly they are endangered animals that are native to Australia..also their are lots of types of koalas a male koala is called a buck a female is called a doe and a baby koala is called a joey and they have no tails !

koala foot closeupPictures/Diagram

wombats. Koalas loves to sleep.
Baby koalas are called joeys. Baby joey's stays in their mother's pouch for about six months, But after six month they stay on their mother's back until they are old enough to live on their own.

You might not think that koalas and kangaroos are related to each other but they are! Because they are both native and only found in Australia. A koala can run as fast as a rabbit/bunny, Because they are not really fast because they always climb and hang on trees. Koalas are closely related to ep. Everyday the world for sleep 20 hours, But koalas are NOT nocturnal.

Koalas eat leaves from a eucalypt tree but Joey's eat their mothers poop .  An adult koala will eat 500g of leaves to 1kg a day . Koala's can actually hold food in their bellies for over a week . Koalas are also herbivorous animals . Koalas also eat a small amount of soil to supplement their diet with some mineral nutrients  . Only 50 of 500 or more species of eucalyptus leaves are suitable to the koala's diet .  🍁


Koalas live in Australia They live at forests. There is a forest called Bushland and koalas lives there. They also lives at southeastern  and south Australia. Koalas only lives at Australia because they are native animals. Koalas spends most of their time on trees. Koalas prefer living at forest with lots of wood. Koalas always climbs on trees to keep them safe from predators, and to keep their baby joeys safe.🔪🌲 koalas napping


Koalas are actually not bears koalas also have very similar fingerprints to humans. Koalas are really close and related to kangaroos and wombats. Koalas are great swimmers and when koalas are hot they hug trees to cool themselfs down . Koalas also don't have really good sightseeing or eyesight . They have an Amazing sense of smell too. Also some people wonder, don't koalas butts get pain ?  No because their butts are pins and needles free , So they can sleep as long as they want.✋

By Zoe holder

WALHT: communicate why something is important (Persuasive)

Why teleportation is best for me

This persuasive writing is about why teleportation is a cool thing to have here is 3 reasons why…

My first reason why teleportation is a cool thing to have is because if You wanted to go somewhere it would take no time and it would take no money to go to America by just thinking about it and you are there. For example if you have not enough money to go to America and you needed to go because it was someone's birth.

My second reason why teleportation is a cool thing to have is because if it was one minute until the bell rings And it takes 5 minutes to get to school you would want teleportation. For example You were still at home you could just think of going there and you will not be late for school. The cool thing is you would be in class when you think of going there.

My last reason why teleportation is a cool thing to have is because if you were at the jungle walking around and a tiger jumped out at you from nowhere instead of being killed you could just think of going home. For example it was a cold day and there was a tiger that was so hungry he would do anything to kill you and if he wants food he would run but instead you can just run and then disappear back home.  If you were walking on the path way and a dog came up to you and Just then it tries to bite you. For example you could just think of going to the hospital and you will be there

I think that it is a really helpful thing to have you don't die and your life goes on more longer and everyone loves that and that means you would have the best life in the world

Re: Aixa's & Natasha's Info report about Red Foxes (Vulpes vulpes)

The Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes)

"Is that a dog or a wolf?"

The Red Fox are very unique and amazing animals.Foxes sound a lot like dogs or wolves when they bark and when foxes fight or are playing with each other they sound like ducks! The reason they sound like Dogs/wolves is because foxes are in the dog family.

The red fox has a mix of orange/brown and white and black fur around its body. It has white fur from the bottom of its nose all the way down to the end of its tail. There is black fur on its legs, parts of  the tail and the middle of its ears. The rest of the Red foxes body is orange/brown.

Most of the Red Foxes eye colours are brown, some are green. The Red Fox has very sharp teeth to help kill its prey so it survives in the wild. Therefore, you probably wouldn't keep a fox as a pet. A Red Foxes nose is pointy and black, just like a dog's nose.

Red foxes are mostly found in North America, Russia and Europe. They also live in snowy areas and forests. Wild foxes make dens in forests for them and their family to live in. In North America foxes sometimes are found living in cities and make alleyways as their home/den.

Red Foxes are omnivores. An omnivore eats both insects and meat. The Red fox eats food, such as mice, fish, birds, rabbits/hares and all types of insects.   

Behaviour and Protection
In winter it can get really cold for foxes. Especially if they are living in the snow. That's why they have many layers of fur to help them survive throughout periods of winter. The Red foxes are great runners because if they weren't then they wouldn't be able to catch prey and run away predators like Wolves, Coyotes and Jackals. They are also good jumpers because when they need to eat they will sometimes need to jump into the snow to catch prey and if it runs away it must be able to leap and jump fast.

Did you know that there were around thirty-seven species of foxes? The most common ones are the: red fox, grey fox, fennec fox, swift fox, kit fox and arctic fox. Every fox looks different, all of them are unique. The Red foxes are very fascinating and beautiful animals because of its colours. Foxes have a very interesting history and they have survived many years.

Snapshot recount - Ainsley

The tent was made.
I was playing with my torch with my aunty.I saw shadows moving. I felt happy. I saw the glowing light of my black torch and the movement of people. I felt excited.
I could hear birds at night screeching and talking also chatting especially laughing. I felt glad.
I smelt the yummy leftover dinner and coffee. I felt ecstatic.
I loved going to my auntys house. I hope to go next year because it was so FUN.

Instructions on how to tie your shoelace - Ainsley

W.A.L.H.T : Writing instructions

How to tie your shoelaces

What you will need :
Shoes - With shoelaces
Your hands

How to Tie your shoelaces

  1. Get your shoe and hold out the two ends of the laces
  2. Tie a knot with the laces
  3. Hold the two remaining laces
  4. Make two loops with the shoelaces and make a knot
  5. After make it even so it will balance

                  You are finished YAY

Why we should get a puppy - Ainsley

Why we should get a puppy

Are you tired when you come home and have no one and nothing to play with ? well get a dog you will be happy as balloon. Here are 3 reasons why we should get a puppy

Firstly we will get to go out for walks a lot more than we are now.We can go out for walks if we have a dog and go out and play lots of games like tug or fetch because normally we always go in the car but when walking with the dog we will smell fresh like flowers and the meadow.For example if we are going to a friends house like Jenny and they live nearby walk with your dog to their house

Secondly dogs a really attractive.Dogs are attractive and can attract lots of other people and then we might make more friends They can dress up and you can knit for them I would like to knit a little beanie would you?For example if you just started school bring your pet and you might start to have new friends like Mia and Jenny

The last and final reason is to have fun.You can play with it hangout walk side to side.You can play tag and run around like your free and when you hangout you can with your friends too.For exaple if you were going for a walk with your friend like if I went to Mia's house and we were going for a walk I would bring the puppy along so the puppy can explore new grounds

Pets are really fun and exciting also really attractive. It also will make you go on more walks. So that is why I think we should get a puppy.

Aixa's Snapshot recount: Sitting in Boredom

Sitting In Boredom

We sat there bordley behind the stall just sitting and sitting for people to come.
Shay, Zoe and I on a Tuesday night and you might be wondering "why are they there tonight?" Well we are there for the breakthrough showcase that the school is holding, but all we are doing is sitting boredly behind our stall.

It seemed for years that we were sitting, sitting and sitting, sitting and sitting. Everyone was passing us like cars as if they were going to another stop…

Everything was becoming boring as if I had no one at all to play with at lunch. All three of us (Shay, Zoe and Me) had NOTHING TO DO AT ALL, than just sitting.

I was getting a bit hungry and so were the others so Shay bought cookies for all three of us. I got the emoji cookie that had sunglasses, I ate it and it was DELICIOUS! It made me feel better but not enough.

All three of us waited forever for someone to come and FINALLY somebody came, they asked "can we have one bag" and we said yes they left and then more people came.

Everyone was really happy that almost all of our bag were bought and hopefully all of our bag will be brought.

By: Aixa

Superpowers GO - Ainsley

Super powers go!

Why card power is the best for you here are three reasons why i think card power is the best.

Firstly It will make you or me smartest of the class.It will also let you do whatever you want and all the other students and my friends in school so it would be like lunch and morning tea.For exaple  So if you don't know a question then you can pause everyone and go on calculator and get the answer and when you do or find a card with play you can awnser the quistion straight away just like that.

The second reason is so we might get a trip every week.If the school or my hub wants to go somewhere you can throw a card in front of you and a portal will show up so we can go to that place that the school or the hub wants to go.For example if the school or hub wanted to go to England then we would go there or maybe even to mt wellington for a trip we would still go there.

The last and final reason is safety fun and not die.It would be so fun to have card power and it would be really safe and you would not die at all even if you were attaked the baddie would not touch you at all not even a bit.For exaple If you throw a pause button at the baddie then you can call the police before they can escape because they can't at all.

So that's why i think card power is the best don't you think? Well i hope you change your mind about other powers and rather have card power.😃

Swimming safety - Ainsley

Why do children need to learn how to swim

Why do children need to learn how to swim. Here are three reasons why we should learn how to swim

First reason is because we should be fit and healthy. Swimming is like exercise to that will help keep you healthy. While you do swimming you might want to drink water to give you energy for races. For an example if you are in a race and you have not been exercising it will be tiring for you. It is also a sport and it will keep you healthy which is good.

The second reason is because you might drown and sink. For example you might fall of a boat and splash the water. You can also die of drowning in a beach or even a pool but if you know how to swim you won't die and drown or fall of a boat.

The final reason is if you swim and take lessons you will be swimsmart. For example you will swim fast and have skills and if you are in a race you will be the first one and all because you had swimming lessons . So you will be safe and be able to float.

The finishing touch By Ana

The finishing touch
The last minute, we were so happy that we got it finished.It was the last day to finish until the exhibition, me and my group were jumping around in the hub with excitement.

First, we replayed the film like a million times and laughed like  a million times.We were having such a great time.

Secondly, We asked people to come and watch our film,while some were watching some people gave us feedback and feedforward, that made me and my group feel good inside.

Finally, We checked it once again and then we said to ourselves "it's perfect and amazing".

After all those hard times we got it done and that's all that matters to me.

By Ana

(Blog Post) Harry Potter And the philosopher's stone Book review By Mia Rose

Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone
Book Review
Star Rating: 5/5

Main Characters

Harry Potter
Hermione Granger
Ron Weasly

Brief Description
This Book Is about a Boy called Harry who Finds out he is a wizard and goes to Hogwarts school for witchcraft and wizardry.  


J.K Rowling

Who would enjoy